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What is The Business/Gym?

The Business Gym addresses the key areas of business that lead to efficiency and success. By optimizing your personal strengths, the people you work with, your product or service, your marketing efforts, your internal structures and your customer service your business has the best chance of not only succeeding, but growing beyond expectation.

We will work with you for a few hours, a few days, a few weeks or a few months. Whatever your need prescribes. We consult with individuals or teams. We have formal Training and Coaching Programs, and support them with multiple focused Business Workshops. The Business Gym seeks to help you maximize the potential of your business. We understand your busy time constraints and are prepared to go the distance with you to add significant value to your efforts.

As a support service to participating businesses The Business Gym offers Corporate Identity Design, Social Media Imaging and Advertising Consulting. Our extensive background in Design for Marketing, Advertising and Brand building for large Corporates means we can offer highly professional services to all businesses at affordable prices. You can be sure of a consistent and memorable brand identity at all times.

The Business Gym Products:

CONSULTING: We know that all startup Business Owners have a strong vision of what they would like to achieve. But many could use some help knowing how to achieve it with optimum results. Creating a product or service is the easy part, but the crunch comes when trying to Market that product or service. We offer clear guidelines to Marketing and even help you achieve a greater and more long-term effect by addressing all the areas that bring results.

 BUSINESS TRAINING: Our unique MyBusiness MBO Training Program addresses practical business strategies that are common to all successful businesses. These sessions cover very real day-to-day methods of improving your business performance releasing you from tedious activity and giving you time to work on your business rather than in it.

WORKSHOPS: Condensed versions of the Training Course content are presented in workshops that take you through practical processes that will improve your business performance immediately. Insights into topics such as Personal Actualization, The Full Marketing Spectrum, Key element to Success, Maximizing your Operational Potential, Basic Financial Management, Creative Thinking, Social Media Leveraging, Your Brand and your Customer and Effective Communication Skills..


Do you own your business? Or does your business own you?

Ever heard the expression.. “I can’t see the wood for the trees”. If you are doing all the work then who is managing the business? One of the first objectives of a business owner is to get to a stage where you can work on the business and not in the business. Too many startup business owners think that because they are good at the work they are ready to own their own business. This is the main reason why business startups fail! If you are working in the business…who is working on the business?


Are you a serious business owner?

Attitude is the single most important ingredient for business success. Your attitude defines your effort, your motivation, your energy, your resilience, your hunger and your durability. If you are serious enough then join like-minded business owners on the road to success. If you are serious about your business you will understand the importance of regular business reviews.


The Business Gym offers 3 unique Training programs:

Business Gym Marketing

Marketing and Business Optimisation

Prepare your business to attract new clients

The MyBusiness Marketing Program puts your Marketing into perspective by identifying the priority channels that cover all the aspects of preparing your product or service for success. Establishing markets, capturing customers and building a relationships for growth.

The Program is a step-by-step approach to better marketing practice. It is guaranteed to change the way you think about your business and presents you with a blueprint on how best to communicate through all media with your prospective and existing customers.

Business Owners often work so hard they can’t see the wood for the trees. So much so that taking time to review their business operations, future strategy, marketing effectiveness, financial structure and productivity take a back seat. Does this sound like you? The MyBusiness MBO™ program forces business owners to refocus in all the areas of their business that contribute to growth and effectiveness.

Start your business with the best chance for success!

Optimizing your Business is a vital part of growth of any business. This MyBusiness MBO™ program is like having a regular two and a half hour business strategy meeting on a weekly basis incorporating new skills and understanding. It encourages a discipline of working on your business rather than in your business. Four regular sessions with applicable assignments ensure that you receive and work on all the key areas of your business where change and improvement take place e.g. your personal approach to your business, setting systems and structures to ease workload, marketing to and communicating with customers more effectively, planning your finance towards equity and building your brand through relationships.

The Marketing and Business Optimisation Program is guaranteed to make you look at your business differently and to operate more effectively in all disciplines.

What are the mistakes that are common to Business Startups that fail? The most common is lack of planning followed by poor marketing. More often than not its not what you do wrong that compromises your business, but what you don’t do right. With experience in starting a number of businesses the MyBusiness Startup Program has identified the most important foundational elements required for a business to have the best chance for growth at the least risk.

Our Program stands with you in the development of your business. It’s like having a personal trainer with like-minded business owners in support. After all, starting a business is like training for a marathon – you are not going very far with just one training session.



NEXT COURSE: 22 May 2018

Course duration: 4 Weeks
Course modules: 4 x 3hr sessions

Registration: R1280
Course: R1280 x 2 installments

TOTAL: R3840 All inclusive

NEXT COURSE: 22 May 2018

Course duration: 4 Weeks
Course modules: 4 x 3hr sessions

Registration: R1280
CourseR1280 x 2 instalments

TOTAL: R3840 All inclusive


The sooner you start MyBusiness MBO™ the greater it will benefit your business. Beat your competitors by shaping up your business fitness from today!
Please Note: All fields must be completed . You will be notified by email as to course detail and payment options.

Testimonials from Business Owners that have experienced the MyBusiness MBO™

“Thank you so much to The Business Gym for opening my eyes to the fact that being self-employed is the same as being employed. I now have e better idea of what it takes to grow my business so that it does not rely on me every day. This is what I always wanted when I left being employed.”


“I have been in business for 9 years. I was busy completing an assignment on structuring a business plan. I did the Business Gym course so that I could get a better idea of what to include. The course not only helped me complete a comprehensive business plan, but it gave me a lot of other insights that I had never even considered which will be very useful going forward with my business.”


“I have been running a Guest House for some time now and during the course I realised that I had no control over what my money was doing! I had never kept records of my ongoing financial activity. When I did my cash flow projection my profits were not what I thought they were. I am so grateful for the amazing things I learned during the course. I have a marketing plan, a financial plan, and I know how to make my guests happier. We also came up with some great ideas to make our guest house different to others.”


“I decided to publish a local business magazine. To improve my business skills I did the Business Gym course. Oh my gosh. I learned so much in those few weeks about what to do and what not to do. It helped me a lot, especially when we looked at our financial issues. It was a shock to find I was spending a lot of my own money supporting the business that I had not accounted for. I have been too generous with free offers and discounts to get sales, and it is pulling my business down.”


“Thank you both for the time and effort you both gave and spent with us.It really was informative and triggered certain aspects which all fundamentally will be put to good use.I am very grateful and pleased I spent the time with you both and the positive nature with which you conducted the course.”


“A friend encouraged me to attend a Meetup held by The Business Gym as I was trying to decide which of two business ideas would be the best option to go for. The cost of living has gone up and I need to supplement my income. Having never started my own business I felt that I had nothing to lose. The insights I received were way beyond my expectation. There were so many things I had not even considered such as procurement, marketing strategy, product packaging and much more. I had to go back to the drawing board, but did so with a clear plan in mind. Thanks guys!” Bruce


“I went into partnership after buying an Air Conditioning business. I thought all I had to do was sell air conditioners and charge my customers. The course I went on now changed my thinking completely. I realised I was so busy doing the work that the rest of my business was not happening. I knew I had to do something different, now I have a better idea of what to do.”


“My eyes have been opened! Chris and Sylvia helped me make important decisions in my businesses. I have been running 5 businesses so that I can make more money, but I can see now that it only works so far. You have to focus on the one business that you love and has the greatest potential. So I have a clearer vision now and no one can stop me :)”


“I had a pretty good idea of what to do to get my Interior Design business going, but the course was very useful in confirming and adding to my plan of action. The course helped a lot in getting my priorities straight.”


“I have been a commercial pilot all my life, so I have little to no experience in running a business. It made sense for me to do a course on business management when I retired and decided to start a business in creative concrete products. This course gave me a comprehensive peek into the world of business ownership. Easy to understand with a logical flow. At least now I know how to start.”


Your experienced Trainers, Consultants
and Public Speakers

Sylvia Malinowski

Certified Public Relations and Wealth Dynamics Flow Consultant

Sylvia has a diverse business background. She has worked in Public Relations, done business presentations, has a Degree in Psychology, has run the Cape Business Connect successfully for 12 years and has dedicated her life to helping business owners in the greater Boland and Cape Town region. Sylvia has a wealth of practical business knowledge, engages well with people and unselfishly contributes to the growth of others.

Chris van Rooyen

Advertising & Marketing Practitioner and Facilitator

Chris has spent 35 years in the Corporate Advertising and Marketing industries as practitioner, strategist, designer and consultant. He has a history that includes owning his own businesses, marketing consulting, public speaking on key business topics, training and facilitating salespeople in the corporate environment. Chris’ reason for getting up in the morning is to empower people both personally as well as in their business growth.

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