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The Scorpion in business

Here’s how the story goes – A Scorpion ambles down to the river. He gazes at the distant bank on the other side wondering how to get across. Along hops a frog and the Scorpion has an idea! He asks the Frog if he can get on the Frog’s back and the Frog can swim him...

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In the Small Business Swamp!

Doing it yourself? There appears to be a strange psychology that prevails in the land of Small Business Owners. I am very familiar with it because when I started my first business I was a victim of it too, and it ended up consuming me. It has taken me three business...

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The Customer Experience

The Customer Experience directly affects your business growth We’ve all heard the expression “You only get one chance to create a first impression”. But is that impression a good or a bad one? Your company’s future will depend on it. A good impression will last a long...

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What is Business Excellence?

Business excellence is about your business excelling at two primary levels. The first is the operational level and the second is the relational level. ‘Operations’ is the engine of your business that comprises disciplines, systems and functions. The ‘relational’ level...

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